Beachcomber Seat

The possibilities are just about endless in using the recycled plastic Beachcomber Seat for memorial or commemoration purposes. Its style and clean lines render the seat open to creative imagination, and its construction makes application of the artwork easy.

Fixed to a trio of black supports, the Beachcomber’s back and seat are simply  1800 x 400 x 40 mm recycled plastic planks waiting to be enhanced with a plaque, routered and coloured text, and/or router shaping to fit the purpose. Click on the image carousel above to get an idea of what the Beachcomber makes possible.

The Beachcomber Seat is also highly regarded as a promotional seat. For the same reasons it works for commemorations and memorials, it is also popular as a means of exhibiting corporate commitment to sustainability practices and caring for the environment. For businesses that rely on plastic packaging, supporting the community through sponsorship of a Beachcomber is a highly-visible demonstration of product stewardship policies.

Like all our recycled plastic furniture products, the Beachcomber is available in five different uv-resistant colours (supports black only).

Beachcomber Seat brochure