Selecting a suitable plaque, engraving or unique commemorative design

Our memorial and commemoration furniture lends itself to a variety of plaque types, and there is plenty of scope for special artwork and customisation.

 A memorial plaque to go with your preferred seat or table setting.

For families looking to memorialise a loved one in the form of a seat, a standard brass or stainless steel plaque will often suffice. Or you may prefer a more elaborate bronze plaque, surface mounted with raised lettering that will always be easy to read. Another plaque option is UV resistant polycarbonate, on which text is reverse printed on the back surface then coloured, leaving a polyester film on top to produce a superior, scratch resistant matte finish.

The lighter plaques such as those of aluminium, stainless steel and polycarbonate are usually flush mounted into a routed cavity in the seat or table slat,  for a clean, streamlined finish that is also more resistant to tampering. Bronze plaques can also be insert-mounted, or surface mounted for effect. Keep in mind that whatever the plaque material, it is being affixed to functional seating, usually installed in a public place.

Our product information includes furniture slat sizes so that you can pre-order a plaque that suits your needs and our furniture design constraints. Or, talk to us first about procuring a suitable piece of memorial furniture. We are only too happy to provide guidance, assist with purchasing and attaching your chosen plaque, or refer you to the right plaque supplier.


oriental-bay memorial seats

If a seat requiring a new plaque is not one of ours, we don’t mind at all. The photos above show a refurbished seat with plaque fitted by us, among the many that line Oriental Bay, Wellington. As the council is approached to fit new memorial plaques to existing seats, they ask us to do the work.

 Using public furniture to mark an important occasion, an historical event, or a special place of significance.

All the plaque options for memorial furniture  also apply to installations for other reasons, such as recognising an event that took place on a particular spot, or paying tribute to a group of people whose deeds had an impact on the local community.  There are other ways to adorn your special piece of furniture, particularly if you consider the artwork possibilities of the Beachcomber Seat. Recycled plastic lends itself to creativity in design and production, as it can be worked just like timber but without the pitfalls of splitting and cracking.

The Beachcomber seat back presents a blank canvas on which to work a routered profile shape and engraving, or to affix a larger informational plaque or sponsor’s message. Using a special paint, we can produce a multi-coloured commemoration, presentation or memorial Beachcomber Seat on one of the four base recycled plastic colours available.


The sequence of photographs above show the design proof approval form for Beachcomber Seats at Nelson Lakes National Park, the finished product showing seat back detail, and an installed seat that illustrates how the back profile is designed to reflect the lake and mountain view.