Recycled Plastic Seats

Replas recycled plastic is a long-lasting, colour-fast, low-maintenance alternative to traditional hardwood seats and benches for use in public parks and pedestrian precincts. And it’s the ultimate in sustainability, being the result of all that domestic and industrial plastic waste that would otherwise clog our landfills or worse, our land and seascapes. The Replas process accommodates most types of plastic, including soft plastics that form such a big percentage of our daily packaging needs but are otherwise of no commercial value.

So when you choose a piece of our recycled plastic furniture for your special memorial or commemoration, you are not only doing something significant for those around you, but something worthwhile for the planet too. Replas products have been around for decades now, and those early installations are still looking great, some as good as new.

See also our steel framed range of seats and tableĀ settings with the recycled plastic slat alternative to timber.